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The headline—“Tim Tebow: Man of Many Missions”—riffed on the way he’d created a fan frenzy with his unique blend of faith and football. You can accomplish “all things through Christ.” Unfortunately, this way of interpreting and applying Philippians couldn’t be further from its actual meaning.

Can we expect to see him Tebowing in the Jets' endzone? Gronk would be way too much fun for Tebow who convinces me more every day that he's gay.This verse is about having strength to be content when we are facing those moments in life when physical resources are minimal.” Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not teach “God will give you the strength to do whatever you set your mind to.” (Actually, anytime a foundational view in your theology begins with, “God will give you”, stop and do a double-check.) [tweetable]God is not a heavenly bellhop or divine sugar daddy or cosmic power plant to fuel your dream-quest.[/tweetable] Instead, the Bible teaches, God is a sustainer when life feels unsustainable.And if you’re like me, this is a “good news” message.Will Taylor Swift be the next singer to dedicate a song to Tim Tebow?There's a video going around that has some wondering if the country star and the pro football player are dating.Celebuzz cited anonymous sources last week who said the two were awfully chatty at a pre-Oscars party, and there's now another report that Tebow and Swift shared a meal on Monday.

Clevver News claims that the two arrived together at an L. restaurant for dinner, after which Tebow walked Swift out.

On anyone who is out and proud that's fine, it's just amusing seeing it in a closeted Christian). and I'm sure they would be lovely."I'll bet he has a lot of practice in carefully choosing his words -- especially pronouns. I think in the sports world they wouldn't even joke like that unless its true? I am not sure where you got your ridiculous notion about athletes but a lot of them have senses of humor just like any other person on the planet. R66 - Hot damn, that's a nice picture, and love the bulge that Gronkowski's working with.

From the GMA interview at R36:[quote]"Half the rumors, I've never even met the people . I have a thing for really tall guys anyhow, and he fits the bill.

Paul isn’t telling Christians that they should dream bigger dreams; he is reminding them that they can endure the crushing feeling of defeat if those dreams aren’t realized.

He’s not encouraging Christians to go out and conquer the world; he’s reminding them that they can press on when the world conquers them. Eric Bargerhuff writes in The Most Misused Verses in the Bible, “[Philippians is] not really about who has the strength to play to the best of their abilities in a sporting contest….

Look at Tebow's embarrassed look and his momma trying to save his gay ass during the interview, along with Robin dying inside b/c she was colluding to keep this gay boy in the closet.

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