Tom selleck dating

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Tom selleck dating

His first television appearance was as a college senior on ‘The Dating Game’ in 1965 – he lost.

As well as being a talented collegiate athlete, the budding actor was a member of the California National Guard and was actually called up for service during the Watts riots.He followed this television success with hit comedy feature film ‘In & Out’, where Selleck played an openly gay character alongside Kevin Kline.He shaved off his trademark moustache for the film, and has since kept it off for most of his stage and screen work.I.’ His trademark moustache and 6' 4" height have marked him as the epitome of the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ man and made him instantly recognisable.Raised in Los Angeles by his parents Robert and Martha, Selleck grew up alongside his brothers Robert (junior) and Daniel, and sister Martha (junior). While attending the University of Southern California on a basketball scholarship, Selleck supported himself through modelling work in print and billboards.Their daughter, Hannah Margaret Mack Selleck, was born in 1988. ‘Three Men and a Baby' was followed by a sequel, 'Three Men and a Little Lady' in 1990, and despite its box-office success, Selleck’s next few films, 'Quigley Down Under' in 1991 and 'Mr.

Baseball' in 1992, were only moderately popular with audiences.He appeared in numerous television movies before landing his big break in 1979.Selleck was cast to play laid-back private detective Thomas Magnum, in a new and soon to be iconic television series ‘Magnum, P. The Hawaiian-set show, which was frequently quirky and light-hearted, launched Selleck into international stardom. At this critical crossroad in his career, Selleck consulted his best friend for help in deciding whether to choose Indiana Jones or Magnum.Selleck followed ‘The Sacketts’ with ‘The Shadow Riders’ in 1982, then with Lassiter in 1984.More recent cowboy roles were ‘Crossfire Trail’ (2001) followed by ‘Monte Walsh’ (2003).Selleck has also produced various other television movies, including ‘Revealing Evidence’ in 1990, and ‘Silverfox’ in 1991.

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