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If you want a little more dance in your life, you can also major in Dance Performance and receive a dance K–12 teacher certificate that trains you to teach dance in Maryland public schools. Be sure to check out prerequisites for other classes before you register.

UGA also provides hundreds of media-focused positions in their list of over 600 registered student organizations, ensuring that journalism students get plenty of hands on experience.

(often considered the "Pulitzer Prizes of college journalism") for the second year in a row.

The program resides in a hall named after one of its most famous alumni, Ernie Pyle, and just celebrated its 100th anniversary.

“They have experience working for publications like the Tampa Bay Times, Washington Post and Yahoo!

Sports, and those teachers know that journalism isn't like most professions,” Jett said.

Unlike other programs that focus on a specific formula for success, Indiana University School of Journalism is unique because of its less restrictive nature and ability to adapt to the desires of its students.

And its flexible environment has certainly paid off as their alumni consist of more than 30 Pulitzer Prize winners and countless barons in the field.

In addition to the deep bank of contacts that the alumni and faculty provide, KU J-School also offers minors in journalism studies and even posts exciting new media opportunities that students can pursue on the school’s website as a mean to help students further explore their interest in this field.

As a Limited Enrollment Program with merely 600 of the university’s 40,000 undergraduate students, the competitive Philip Merrill College of Journalism takes a special interest in its students.

And those working for the daily newspaper, can boast their 5 Pacemaker Awards.

The faculty in particular is a large drawing point.

Attracting students from across the globe, students are promised a comfortable, technologically advanced learning space in which they will be taught the vital skills necessary in today’s competitive market.