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You don’t get project templates, scrolling titles and other fancy effects, and instead it focuses on providing precision tools and clip handling.Videos are imported and organised into bins and racks, and rooms are created with editing layouts.

Find out more about each of the video editors mentioned here and several more options below.There is a limited range of special effects like transitions, but TV programmes and Hollywood movies rarely use anything other than fade from/to black.Lightworks is aimed at professional video editors and it is fascinating to use a tool employed by Oscar-winning Hollywood movie editors.As Blender is an open source project the documentation can be a little random at times, but the healthy user forums mean that you can usually find the answer to your question without much difficulty.You will of course have a fair few questions because there is simply so much you can do with this software.Get Blender here Lightworks has been used to create Hollywood movies, including the recent The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo Di Caprio.

There are free and Pro editions, but the main difference is the output formats and you are limited to 720p resolution.

The range of high quality, free video editors available at the moment in simply amazing.

Whether you want to dabble in animation, add special effects like in Batman Vs Superman, or go for something simple but professional-looking there's a free video editor that's perfect for you.

Video and audio tracks, of which there can be many, can be independently edited, so you can cut a section of video from the middle of a scene leaving the audio and cut away to show something else, then return while the audio continues to play.

The flexibility you have when joining scenes is excellent and in and out points can be finely tuned directly in the timeline.

If you're looking for more serious video editing software, you might want to go for a paid option.