Transbot online dating

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Transbot online dating

Excavations in 1958 for the construction of a dam at Loch Droma, Ross and Cromarty, revealed a deep and extensive section in peat and Late-glacial silts.The section was surveyed, its environs studied, and samples of materials analyzed by the Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, and the Sub-department of Quaternary Research, University of Cambridge.

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I see the X-Transbots version of being the Masterpiece rendition of a Pipes that was a deluxe sized toy rather than a Minibot.

Today we are looking at the first one they released: Stax. He is an all plastic figure with no rubber tires and measures about five and a half inches long from end to end.

Overall the plastic quality on the figure is decent with some minor fit issues.

Little touches like a big chromed gas tank, tail lights, and a pair of chromed rear view mirrors help complete the ensemble.

Even some of his clearly visible robot parts are so inconspicuous they are hard to notice unless pointed out.

The Master System was later released in Europe in September 1987, in South Korea in April 1989 and in Brazil in September 1989 where distribution rights were given to Tec Toy.

A re-release of the console in the Japanese market under the new Master System brand and redesign occurred that same year.

The Sega Master System—renamed and with a redesigned casing from the original Sega Mark III, which had been released in the Japanese market in 1985—is a video game console released by Sega in the North American market in June 1986 to compete with the Nintendo Entertainment System, which had been released in the same market in February 1986 (an earlier test market for NES in New York and California occurred in October 1985).

Originally priced at 0 US, North American distribution rights for the console were acquired by Tonka before Sega re-acquired the rights themselves and released a further streamlined redesign of the console during the launch of the Sega Genesis.

Since Minibots were meant to be transformable Pennyracer (Choro-Q) style vehicles, their cutesy proportions didn't quite fit in next to the relatively realistic cars represented by the larger toys.

So far our only hint to what a potential Masterpiece Minibot would look like is a concept drawing for a Masterpiece Huffer.

The Autobot cars of the original 1984 line are what we today would consider deluxe class Transformers.