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It always helps to continue your education and training and to list any volunteer work during a slow period, says Bradley.

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Get social "Become a social networking junkie--not to just pass time socially, but to collect a huge amount of contacts and to build solid relationships that would be valuable to a prospective employer," says Block. You create a resume for one reason: To get a phone call, says Kim Fowler of Fowler Placement Service Inc.&nbsrw an someone contact you if the phone number is missing a digit or your email address is incorrect? Forgetting the name of the person you're interviewing with.8. Listing these under education or volunteer work should explain some of the gaps. Failing to remember what you wrote on your own resume. Recruiters already know what the job is; your resume should highlight your accomplishments in that position. Failing to make a strong case for why you are the best person for this job. Forgetting to bring a copy of your resume and/or portfolio.18. If you're using your company's job description, you're missing the point of your resume, says Paul Schmitz of Hufford Associates. "At a time where too many people are unhealthy and depressed, this can be fun and healthy and look great on a resume." 8.

These are not only enjoyable ways to express yourself but also great ways to promote yourself as an expert and establish a well-rounded online presence. Get physical "Sign up for yoga or Pilates--or work on becoming an instructor or a certified fitness trainer," suggests Block. With some creative thinking, you can turn just about any hobby or learning experience into a resume or interview asset. Be creative If you're in the midst of a period of unemployment, you can expect hiring managers to ask how you've spent your time away from the 9-to-5 routine. Being unable to explain how your strengths and abilities apply to the job in question.16. Failing to listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying. Be sure to pay close attention to those buzzwords related to your field. Being unprepared to answer the standard questions.22. Manger is a correctly spelled word, but it means something very different from manager. Here are the top 10 pet peeves from the survey and some advice from recruiters for eliminating them from your resume: According to Bruce Noehren of J.

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    “If you value your downtime and don’t love family ‘obligations,’ you’re going to want to know what you’re getting into.” Only ask this if the date has gone well, of course, but research suggests that kissing plays an important role in how we choose our partners.