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These few samples, taken from the arsenal of the polemic of the apologists and the Greek fathers, show how the meaning of eidlon expanded in the Greek world during the first centuries of the common era.

These pagan gods are only phantoms that take possession of the human spirit and give the pagans the illusion of divine worship (Athenagoras, Libellus 23).

Das Stück wurde 1996 in Stratford uraufgeführt und danach mit großem Erfolg im Londoner Westend und am Broadway gezeigt.

Es ist seitdem in England im Repertoire zahlreicher regionaler Bühnen. von Horst-Pierre Bothien, Matthias von Hellfeld, Stefan Peil, Jrgen Reulecke Michael Jovy, geprägt durch den katholischen Jugendbund „Neudeutschland“ und von den Idealen der Deutschen Jugendbewegung, wurde ein engagierter, unbeugsamer Gegner des Nationalsozialismus, der schnell ins Visier des NS-Staates geriet.

Eidlon designates the false gods and does so with a scornful nuance, for they are vanity, lies, nothingness, vain images, molded metal, carved wood. Evidence of this can be found in chapter 4 of the Exhortation to the Heathen, devoted to statues of gods, agalmata.

It is therefore through choices made by Greek translators of the Bible that eidlon passed into the Greek New Testament. He calls them idols (4.53.1) and includes them among the demons (4.55.1), which are impure and base spirits.

North presents two ideas taken directly from the prophets.

First, "Idolatry is the worship of the creature instead of the Creator and, to make matters worse, the creature is made by man, who is himself a creature" (North, 1958, p. He then states: "Idolatry is the worship of what in modern terms we should call process, the 'life-force,' the lan vital, or what we will, instead of the Creator who transcends and is in some sort external to creation" (ibid., p. Finally, here is another, more recently formulated definition: "Idolatry may be defined as the worship of an idol (eidtrie," Dictionnaire des religions, Paris, 1984).Oktober 1977 in Mogadischu bestand, als sie alle Geiseln aus der entführten Lufthansa-Maschine "Landshut" befreite.Nun entwickelte sich Wegeners Lebensweg parallel zur bundesdeutschen Geschichte: Alle Bundeskanzler seit Helmut Schmidt setzten in Zeiten höchster Terrorbedrohung auf die GSG 9, die sich stärker als der Terror erwiesen hatte.Tertullian shows that the pagan gods have no substance (Apologetics 10.2); then he attacks the statues as inert matter, simulacra made of material related to that of vases and ordinary utensils (12.2).In a similar fashion, Firmicus Maternus speaks of the imagines consecratas of public pagan worship (Octavius 24.5).This brief survey should help situate this article's discussion.

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