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However, the consensus among baseball pundits and fans is that Dunn is far more athletic than Mc Gwire.

Their many collaborations include "If You See Him (If You See Her)" and "Cowgirls Don't Cry," with Mc Entire also contributing vocals to a brand-new song, "Still Feels Like Mexico," on Dunn's upcoming solo album.

dunn was the 2nd fastest red in the reds organization while working his way up.

(a guy by the name dion sanders was faster) ], when he slugged 46 home runs and knocked in 102 runs.

That day, Dunn struck out three times against Chicago Cubs right-hander Mark Prior, raising his season total to 191 and surpassing Bobby Bonds' single season strikeout record of 189, set in 1970. Dunn's 46 longballs in 2004 were the fourth most in Cincinnati Reds history.

That year, he joined Hall of Fame second baseman Joe Morgan as the only Reds players to score 100 runs, drive in 100 runs, and draw 100 walks in a single season. Despite the high strikeout total, Dunn often exhibits good plate discipline.

Did you know that oxygen went for a second date with potassium? If the Silver Surfer and Iron Man team up, they’d be alloys. Silver walks up to Gold in a bar and says, "AU, get outta here! The first one says "I think I'll have an H2O."The second one says "I think I'll have an H2O too" -- and he died.

A: Co Fe2 Q: What is the chemical formula for "banana"? A: If you can't helium, and you can't curium, then you might as well barium. A: Na Making bad chemistry jokes because all the good ones Argon Q: What is the most important rule in chemistry? Helium walks into a bar, The bar tender says "We don't serve noble gasses in here."Helium doesn't react. Q: Why did the chemist sole and heel his shoes with silicone rubber? Wherever you're goin', do what you gotta do!Adam Troy Dunn (born November 9, 1979 in Houston, Texas,) is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds. In his five-season career, Dunn owns a .901 OPS with 158 home runs and 374 runs-batted-in in 501 games.Dunn was a standout quarterback at New Caney High School in Texas.After graduating from high school, the Cincinnati Reds drafted Dunn in the second round (50th overall) of the 1998 Major League Baseball Draft.He is among the major league leaders every season in number of pitches per at-bat, an indication that he generally knows when to swing and when not to.

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