Tuali seks

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Tuali seks

Public doniain books bclong to thc public and wc arc mcrcly llu'ir L'uslodians. Wc alsoasklhat you: Make non-commerciai ofthe fi/es Wl' dcsigncd Googlc Book Scarch for usc by individuals. ma — ), apalisade orstockadeserving as a kind of fortification to totcns and villages.

Whcthcr abook is in thc public dornairi rnay vary country tocountry. Usage guidelines Googlc is proud to partncr with librari L's U digili/L' public doiiiain mal L'rials and niak L' llu'in widcly acccssiblc. iiic Ilic Iiiilj placiiig: lcclmical r L'strictions 011 automatcd qucrying. Krapf, who wiahes to convert the world to God." ▼iii PREFACE. ; ku bcba muana, to carry a cliild on the back in a cloth. In May, 1844, we sailed for Mombas, and immediately on my arrival, I set myself to the study of the Kisuahili and Kinika languages, by means of the colloquial Arabic which I had learned in Egypt, Arabia, and Abyssinia. (see pea, popeta, pepesa, swcep, clean) ; ku bea, to becomc vcry oltl a peviika. £xperience will decide upon a question, which is not one of principle but of practice. Those who have to make use of English, German, and French dictionaries of the same language, know that the inconvenience of a different transliteration of the same vocable only lies on the surface. Had it not been necessary for me to pay my respects to the Sultan of Zanzibar and Major Hamerton, H. From Kiama our vessel proceeded to Lamu, Malindi, and Takaungu, at which latter place I obtained important information. bitana ya ngvio, a lined chth (kisibao cha ngfio)» Brni AA, *., vid. BI (27) BO Bi Ti, adj., unripe, fresh, raw; biti biti ; hindi ni biti ; tembo biti ; mbiti, kibiti, &c; janni biti biti kulla kipindi, evergreen; cfr. Bivu, adj., ripe, we U done; mbivu; e.g., niumba mbivu ; vid.

At Takaungu I heard for the first time of the much-famed silver mountain Kili- mandjaro, which 8ubsequently was discovered to be a snow mountain. Bisi (or Bi88i), *., parched (Indian) corn; bisai za (or nibissi wa) mtama, parched mil Ut; mahiodi haya yanakangua bissi ; ni-pa mtama ni-kange. I was also told that there was a great sea beyond the country of Uniamuezi. The mode of replying when a serrant, i Cr., is called; l , crater fontis, piscina aut simile aquae con- ceptaculura), (1 ) a large vessel or pitclter ofcopper wit Jt a nose or snout (birika ya ku nawia watu maji) ; (2) a water-trough of masonry (stone) made for bat Jung in t Jte Jtouse. za), a cooked mess (dish) of meat, rice, pepper, ttc. a., to knock or strike the door and cry "Hodi," to attract t Jtc attention of t Jtc people trit Jtin t Jte Jtouse. Being then unable to conceive the idea of a great inland sea, I thought my informants spoke of a large river. Every respect- able family Jtas such a birika built ittto some part oft Jte Jtouse. It is considered dlsgraceful to enter a Jtouse or to go beyond the entranee-ka U wit Jtout Jtaving bisha hodi, i.e., without havina announced onc's-sclf or callcd out at the door by knocking (kua ku gog6ta) and crying "Hodi, hodi." Bishana, r. obj.; (1) ku-m-bishia mlango, to knock at t Jte door for one or in reference to one; (2) metap Jty8ically, to resist, refuse, oppose one — ku fania ubishi or kua mbishi; ratu huyu ame-ni-bishia hatta tunateta, this man knocked at me, opposed or satirized me till we quar- relled. Here Major Hamerton kindly introduced me to the Sultan Said- Said, to whom I mentioned the object of my coming to East Africa, and my desire to settle at Mombas. His Highness at once gave me full permission to do so, and furnished me with a letter, addressed to all his Governors of the coast, charging them " to be kind to Dr. Copyrighl iiilriiigciiiciil liability can bc quitc scvcrc. (ya), niumba ya mali, a store wit Jt a nltop and warehome ; niumba ya ku tia nafaka, a granary.

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    Some critics are wary that this casual form of speech is being used so much that it will slowly take over common grammar; however, such a change has yet to be seen.

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