Two codependents dating

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It also means that they choose to display their values by acting as a role-model, rather than nagging you (or others) to change.13. This is especially important if you feel like losing yourself in the other person.Codependents have no boundaries and neglect themselves.

That's why "love at first sight" scares me sh*tless.

He is not who I was looking for until I realized what was really going to make me happy over a lifetime. Susan Peabody has been trying to help people with her writing since 1985 when she discovered that she was a love addict and did not have a clue about healthy relationships.

She is the author of Addiction to Love, The Art of Changing, Recovery Workbook for Love Addicts and Love Avoidants and her allegory Where Love Abides.

Many psychologists say that codependents like us can walk into a room and instantly have amazing chemistry with the most wounded, most screwed up, most abusive guy in the room. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Michael.

He's just another charming, charismatic, abusive, control-freak narcissist. Lenora Thompson specializes in writing about narcissism and its many rotten bedfellows.

Devotion means choosing to spend special time with our partner so we feel each other’s devotion.

It means pulling out the calendar and making dates.Other times, it’s veiled hostility, and when it becomes , the objective is merely power. If you grew up being manipulated, it’s harder to discern what’s going on, because it feels familiar.You might have a gut feeling of discomfort or anger, but on the surface the manipulator may use words that are pleasant, ingratiating, reasonable, or that play on your guilt or sympathy, so you override your instincts and don’t know what to say.Healthy relationships are sometimes lukewarm—and both parties need to understand that.12.The willingness to choose “influencing” instead of “controlling.”This means that after saying something once, they let it go.If you are a people-pleaser or have narcissistic qualities, this will be strange to you.

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