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The Open Spaces Committee of the Parish Council has announced full funding for the Green Gym.

Henstridge, at the beginning of the twenty first century, is described in this Design Statement.

Two small quarries in Landshire Lane still provide limited supplies of this local stone.

Blackmore Vale prior to the twelfth century was, for the most part, forested and widely used for hunting.

The escarpment (or ridge from which the village gets its name) is formed of hard sedimentary rock with only a thin covering of soil.

A number of springs issue from this ridge and in wet conditions these can generate significant quantities of water, which run via Cale Brook through the village.

The aim is to create an outdoor community centre where people of all ages and walks of life may get together to develop and maintain an inspiring outdoor space.

Initial ideas include a small orchard, a gardeners’ shed, a water feature and possibly a beehive.This opens up the Rec to 12 month a year use, without the need for anyone to push a baby buggy or use a mobility scooter to navigate the muddy areas.Drainage pots will be installed, and a patio area outside the hall is planned.A mill was delineated on the wall of the old church and there is little doubt that various mills occupied a site near the village pond.Unfortunately, the mill and pond are no longer in existence.It will assist the Parish Council when commenting on planning applications and the District Council in its consideration and determination of these applications.