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The main ones we use are listed on our Recommended Reference Books page.

A bad repair can reduce the value further but even with a high quality repair, a repaired badge will be worth less than an intact original.The regimental badge is made separately and mounted onto a plain domed or flat button.Mounted buttons are real works of art and very expensive to produce - not many Regiments have them.This introduction is aimed at people with little or no knowledge of collecting British military insignia.It may be that you want an item connected with your family history, you want to get a badge for a friend, or you are trying to identify a badge.Sometimes it is not obvious that a badge is broken - to avoid wasting money we suggest that you invest in good Reference Books.

An item is only worth what people are prepared to pay, and we prefer not to buy damaged or repaired badges.

A manufacturer's brand name for a plastic material.

The word Bakelite comes from its inventor LH Baekeland (1863-1944).

Officers' buttons are often made to a higher specification, often gilt, and sometimes 'mounted'.

A mounted button is made from more pieces of metal.

Anodising is an Electro-plating process resulting in lightweight shiny badge. Staybrite replaced brass and white metal as the main metal for British Other Ranks military insignia from about 1950 onwards.

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