Updating bios software

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Using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility from them I reduced the Core Current Limit in order to make the CPU run with less power consumption, hence slowing down the cooling fan (kind of 'under clocking' if you will).However, at first attempt I set the core current limit too low so that the laptop didn't even start!

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WPH) file with your laptop most current bios file (Phoenix only).good luck Thanks a Million for that piece of advice.Have a quite noisy laptop with Intel i7-3820 processor.Thanks to that trick I could get the laptop to boot up and increase the core current limit to about 80% of the recommended value (135A - no mistake! Thanks again :-) I tried to fix for over 30 minutes. Thanks i have go this problame too but how I find the solution is first 1.It ended up that all I had to do on my pavilion m6 was to remove the battery and hard drive at the same time. The HP installation recommended me to upgrade the BIOS. when it rebooted, the BIOS Update finished and the machine reboot. In addition, before a reboot, the machine made 8 beeps. make a bootable windows on flash disk 2.power off your computer and power on simply laves it will start from the bootable flash after it starts shutedown the computer and star again.It’s a myth that BIOS updates somehow make your computer faster or run better.

In some rare instances, a BIOS update can fix a motherboard issue that might make your computer perform better, but it’s usually not related to speed.

Probably not, but in this article I’ll walk you through the process of determining whether or not there is an update for your BIOS or UEFI firmware and whether or not you need to install it.

Just because there is an update for your BIOS does not mean that you should necessarily install it.

Could not, at that point, get ESC pressed; wouldn't let me into the BIOS. When I booted my PC, it was stuck at black screen, and I saw only a non-flickering cursor/underscore.

6) Restarted and prayed, came up normally; opened the BIOS by hitting ESC at the proper time, reset to defaults (just to be sure). Windows didn't load, and I wasn't even able to get into BIOS, because the Asus (my motherboard's) splash screen didn't show up.

For example, a BIOS update may help solve an overheating issue.