Updating heating from radiators with vents

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Updating heating from radiators with vents - dnangel dating game

A week later after replacement boards were installed and the floors were refinished she had what looked like new floors!

So before you jump to “upgrade” the flooring in your historic home take a minute and think it over.

That boiler may date from the days of coal firing and could well be twice as large as it should be. But since there’s steam in the return lines (because of the failed traps), the condensate won’t get back to the boiler until the end of the cycle.

That leads to severe water hammer, and water level problems at the boiler.

Flooring Historic houses are having their floors covered up, ripped out, or trashed in any number of ways to make room for newer, inferior products. And while a click-lock engineered wood or laminate floor may be considered an upgrade on a new home it is a definite cold shower to your historic home’s market price.

Only in America would we be ignorant enough to cover what would be a or per sq. Wood floors are prime candidates for refinishing and restoration.

If you try to get by with just one big trap at the inlet to the condensate or boiler feed pump, you’ll have a building that never heats well.

Most buildings will heat beautifully with no more than 2 psi steam pressure—based on pipe size, not building size.Oversized boilers short-cycle, creating high fuel bills, equipment failure and angry customers.The only correct way to size a replacement steam boiler is to measure all the radiation in the building. Trapped air leads to uneven heating and high fuel bills. Ask your counterman to show you the complete line of Hoffman Specialty air vents. When thermostatic radiator traps fail, the steam moves into and pressurizes the return lines.And if you get someone who says your floors aren’t repairable they are most likely either too lazy to do the work or trying to sell you new floors. I have yet to come across a solid wood floor that couldn’t be repaired.The same is almost never true for tile, laminate, vinyl or even engineered wood floors.If there’s a vacuum pump and it’s broken, we can help. That leads to “wire-drawing” (erosion of the metal seat) and premature death.