Updating intelisense

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For preview 2 you can’t apply filters using attributes, but we expect this support to come later. NET Core 2.0 can be deployed to Azure App Service with no changes needed. Azure Data Centers are being rolled out today with completion scheduled for June 30th.

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We still plan to do these features, but for now they have been removed from Preview 2. You can find a complete set of release notes in the Home repository on Git Hub with links to the feature issues and pull-requests that completed those features. I have 2 checkboxes, what i want to do is when i select one, the other 1 will be deselected, which means user will not have the ability to select it the other checkbox. This is for so that we can easier approach an call the userform when where writing the necessary code using the intelisense list. Click the right hand side drop down list and choose the "after updating" event. Erase the click event sub routine of that checkbox in order to tidy up the vb editor. Value = False End Sub Private Sub Chkbox2_After Update() userform1. But there maybe a more appropriate way of writing code for this matter.

Enabled = True End If End Sub Private Sub Check Box2_Click() If Check Box2. See the snapshot below on how they look :) Would recommend seeing the Excel's inbuilt VBA help for more details ;) SNAPSHOT: HTH Sid I also had this problem because I didn't want to use option buttons on my form, so I have written some code for this case and it works! The name property is the first in the properties window (in the alphabetic tab). Do as the following list: (For example you have four checkboxes in your form, there is no difference in the number of them.) 1- Name your userform (which the checkboxes are on) with an appropriate name in it's properties window. Value = False End Sub Private Sub Chkbox4_After Update() userform1. You do not need to write any special handlers into your methods to adapt or handle this feature, it is handled by the framework for you.Page filters (IPage Filter, IAsync Page Filter) allow you to run code before and after a page handler is executed, much in the same way that action filters let your run code before and after an action method is executed.When using MVC to transmit a File Stream Result or a File Content Result, you now have the option to set an ETag or a Last Modified date on the content you wish to transmit.