Updating ipod touch without itunes

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Updating ipod touch without itunes - fotoalbum selber gestalten online dating

Back in its heyday, the original i Pod and its six generations that followed made Apple the coolest, hippest, and most forward thinking tech company on the planet.

The i Phone feels like what it is – a smartphone, not a music player.But on the other hand Apple could do the right thing by the i Pod Classic and increase its storage capacity to 250GB for those with even larger music libraries, and if possible, add wireless syncing ability with i Tunes. With emergence of cloud data storage, has the i Pod Classic become outdated?Should this article be a eulogy instead of a love letter for a great device? Should Apple keep the Classic for at least another decade or two?They have perhaps more reliable flash memory with no moving (HDD) parts to break down; wireless syncing, a bigger display, and the ability to run other music related apps – most notably very affordable streaming music sites like Rdio and Spotify.But these advantages don’t make up for the storage capacity of the i Pod Classic and its easier navigation features.The other reason the i Pod Classic remains in my car at all times is not only because of its portability, but because of a little feature called Shuffle Songs.

With Shuffle there’s no big or mundane decisions to make about what music to listen to next. When you can’t decide between Miles Davis, John Coltrane, or “Good Girl Gone Bad,” Shuffle serves up your least played songs alongside your musical favorites.

But I don’t want portable access to my music library limited to a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, especially when I’m traveling by car or plane.

Sure there are many advantages to accessing your music on the i Phone or other i OS device.

And above all I wanted i Tunes go with me wherever I went.

Toting around CDs in the trunk of my car wasn’t my idea of music appreciation.

The i Pod Classic is also one of three external drives on which I back up my entire music library and family photos.