Updating net compact framework

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The CF-based main app that this article relies on is a relatively simple "Hello World" app, but the concepts are the same, regardless of a given Compact Framework app's complexity.The real work happens in the Web service and in the polling, downloading, and installation code you place in the main app—code that is easily reusable.

These elements contain actual file paths pointing to the network location of the binaries, a special action attribute, and the location of each of the binary files you want to install on the mobile device: The Get Binaries method takes an XML file that contains a list of files that you need to return.

Either approach will suffice in most circumstances, but it's more likely that users will have the correct version of a given app if you perform the check every time they launch your application.

I won't just describe the concepts required for implementing such a solution, I'll also provide the code you need to implement such a solution in your own applications.

You install the Compact Framework Updater application on each Pocket PC that you deploy your application to.

The main application—the CF-based application that provides the specific functionality your users need—is installed by the updater application automatically.

The Web service evaluates the list, and then opens each file on the list, transforming each file into a byte array, and, finally, converting this byte array into a Base 64 string.

Note that you use Base 64 strings to safely transmit the binary data within an XML string.The solution I describe in this article requires three major pieces: the Updater Web Service, the Compact Framework Updater application, and the main application itself.The Updater Web Service serves as the repository for the main application's latest binary files.First, you can invoke the check for updates every time the main application starts, that will throw up a dialog if a new version of the application exists.Or, you can prompt the user to check for updates manually.VSM Cover Story Simplify the administration and updating of Compact Framework applications by writing a Web service that facilitates checking for new files for a given app, as well as downloading and updating that app if a newer version exists.

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