Updating websites dreamweaver

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Updating websites dreamweaver

Here you can see that Dreamweaver is dealing with it just fine but if I upload it to my website I’m likely to cause trouble for, especially older browsers that can’t deal with any sort of problems.

But it is not the best way to create content for the web.

Here’s our top 10 tips for building easy-to-update, content-rich websites.

If your web designer suggests building a static site, run the other way!

The example above shows a very simple database that makes it much easier to maintain a list of restoration organizations, with can then be automatically displayed in a nicely formatted list.

The code on the list page never needs to be touched; it pulls the unstyled content from the database and constructs the to display it.

If I want to update this h1, I know its an h1 so I want to go and style this h1 CSS.

I can go to the CSS sheet in the top right hand corner, so I’ve clicked on and I can have a look through my list and see if I can find the h1.While this may seem almost too obvious to state, the harsh reality is that most sites aren’t updated nearly as often as they should be.Unless a website needs to change very infrequently, it is essential that managers and staff be able to update the website without having to go through a web designer or technical staffer.We’ve built hundreds of content-rich websites, and is routinely updated by non-technical people.Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about what’s needed to deliver a great experience for content editors and marketing staff.I’ve got to make sure the language is spelled right this is where using CSS can be a little more tricky.