Updating x font indexes

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This same platform is used extensively by investment industry professionals, and now you can have it on your own desktop.The TMX Power Stream Desktop and Wireless synchronized service provides total portability, allowing access to portfolio management and market information from the office, at home or on the road.

It is a powerful, user-friendly mobile solution that keeps you connected to critical financial information when you are on the go.ICDD continues to expand the number of 2D data formats that can be analyzed using SIeve .This year, DECTRIS data file format from PILATUS detectors can be imported, as well as TIFF image files.TMX Power Stream Mobile service is a true companion to the TMX Power Stream desktop application.They are completely integrated, so that any changes made to portfolios in either application are automatically reflected in the other. Price: .95* The TMX Power Stream package is perfect for the individual looking for real-time Level 1 data in a desktop environment.Intuitive and very easy to use, including simple drag and drop functionality, TMX Power Stream puts you in complete control with user configurable workspaces, layouts and product customization.

You have full control over which package you choose: TMX Power Stream for a basic streaming experience; TMX Power Stream Advanced for a more robust real-time market data and analytics tool; or TMX Power Stream Premium for professional-level service.Price: .95* The TMX Power Stream Premium package is our professional-calibre streaming desktop and wireless application for the retail investor.It is ideal for the user who wants the equivalent of a broker workstation with powerful research and analytics features.Instrument parameter files can be imported from user facilities, input from the user, or select default parameters in Preferences.Using ICDD’s SIeve software, phase analysis is now possible when analyzing TOF data using calculated TOF patterns generated from PDF-4 database entries with atomic coordinates.TMX Power Stream offers comprehensive access to market data, analytics, research information and more; all in a simple, elegant desktop and wireless system - and at an affordable price.

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