Validating composite controls

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Validating composite controls - bijbelverhalen online dating

Systems can be tested for corrosion resistance and coating performance.

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Investments are constantly made here, updating equipment to ensure state-of-the-art facilities that provide a stimulating environment for our specialized scientists and engineers.A series of environmentally controlled large-bay (25’ high) labs with 5-ton overhead cranes provide the capability to fully evaluate metallic, polymer, and composite piping systems.This includes full-scale burst, hydrostatic, cyclic, and accelerated testing period.These highly instrumented facilities, offering innovative sampling and analytical systems and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities to support parametric testing, assure that we and our clients have fully developed operating procedures and performance characteristics for commercial plants.Their flexibility provides independent or integrated systems testing.Key activities here focus on sensors/technologies for a smart energy infrastructure, with an emphasis on operational needs.

Major areas of expertise include automation, remote monitoring, and controls.

It provides complete laboratory services for natural gas, biogenically derived gas, coal, liquid fuels, and other materials for the natural gas and power generation industries, as well as for numerous municipalities and utilities.

Our capabilities incorporate modern instrumental techniques and traditional referee methods providing highly accurate determinations.

They are also available to outside users for pilot scale process testing.

Pilot-Scale Plant operates extended test campaigns to characterize and optimize process conditions to produce a range of distillate fuels (gasoline, diesel and jet fuel) from a variety of biomass resources, including wood, agricultural residues, algae, aquatic plants, and municipal waste.

The same testing can be applied to evaluate all applicable joining systems and appurtenances.

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