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Click here for more on Bernard Gui Philippe Augustus: King of France.

Click here for more on Peter II: Raymond VI: (1156-1222), Count of Toulouse (1196-1222). Click here for more on Raymond Trencavel II Raymond Roger: Count of Foix (1188-1223).

Click here for more on Louis IX Guy and Pierre Des Vaux-de-Cernay.

A Crusading Cistercian Abbot (Guy) and his nephew (Peter), a monk who left an invaluable record of the Crusaders actions and their beliefs.

" Waldensians Troubadours CATHAR INQUISITION Inquisition Inquisition documents CATHAR CASTLES Cathar Castles Cathar Castle Photos CATHAR ORIGINS Early Gnostic Dualism Manichaeans CATHAR LEGACY Geo-politics Historical Studies Popular Culture Catholic Inheritance Protestant Inheritance Cathar Vindications Do Cathars still exist ?

CATHAR TOURS WHO's WHO The Catholic Side The "Cathar" Side Counts of Toulouse The Cross of Toulouse CATHAR TIMELINE Detailed Chronology MORE INFORMATION CATHAR TERMINOLOGY A Cathar Glossary The following are the chief personalities during the Wars against the Cathars: Pope Innocent III: Called the crusade in 1208.

They paid no attention to him and despised everything he said [laisse 4].

When he preached they commented to each other "Ara roda l'abelha" - "That bee is buzzing around again" [laisse 46].Click here for more on Simon de Montfort Amaury de Montfort: Earl of Leicester.Took over leadership of the Cathar Crusade after the death of his father Simon.As Voltaire commented in his Account of the Crusade against the People of the Languedoc: "L'abbé de Cîteaux paraissait avec l'équipage d'un prince.Il voulut en vain parler en apôtre; le peuple lui criait: Quittez le luxe ou le sermon" - "The Abbot of Cîteaux appeared, with the entourage of a prince.Click here for more on Savaric de Mauléon Count of Comminges: Vassal and ally of the Counts of Toulouse.

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