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She gave me a kiss and told me she didn’t know if she could show off her new clothes in front of our company.“Why not?We’ve known Kevin and Bobby since high school” I told her.

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Gateway MC promotes brotherhood among its members and members of the Levi/leather community by engaging in a variety of activities. The Golden Gate Guards is a leather-Levi's, non-profit organization, open to both men and women, that serves the San Francisco Bay Area.Defenders/SF is a Leather/Levi club, chartered by Dignity, the national gay Catholic organization.Defenders take a stand for the sacredness of our leather sexuality and explores practical ways of integrating sexuality and spirituality.It was Nikki calling.“Hi Michael, I’m done shopping and I’m on my way home. Bye.”The game was a rainout so me and my buddies just sat around talking and drinking.I want to model some of the clothes I bought for you.”“That sounds great baby. We all three had a good buzz going when my wife got home.The organization is a voluntary fellowship of individuals having a common interest in the leather/levi lifestyle.

The organization seeks to foster a better understanding and appreciation of the lifestyle both among the members of the organization and within the community through social, charitable, educational endeavors and activities.

It was Saturday and my wife Nikki had gone out shopping with one of her girlfriends, so I decided to take a shower and call up a couple of friends to come over and watch the baseball game.

Kevin was the first to show up with a 12 pack of beer, and Bobby was not far behind with a bottle of rum.“Come on in guys. Let’s get some drinks started.”We had just settled in for the game when the phone rang.

Our mission is to represent and promote the Leather/Levi/BDSM/Fetish community and lifestyle with dignity and respect.

The Corn Hauler Leather And Levi Club is an alternative organization for gay men and women.

The Argonauts Of Wisconsin Gay Leather/Levi Social Club In Green Bay Wisconsin. A Member Of The Mid-America Conference Of Clubs (MACC) and the Leather-Links.

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    Perhaps you're bi singles, or maybe you're bisexual couples, or perhaps in a relationship, and don't know where and how to start, or if this is even for you ?