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To view violations and/or request a hearing on-line, click here: at this time.

To: - Request a hearing date - Resolve problems logging into the viewviolation website - Make a payment or obtain the mailing address for payments Contact the Violation Processing Center at 855-370-4229.For all other inquiries and information, please contact the Libertyville Police Department at 847-362-8310.Under Illinois law, municipalities with automated traffic law enforcement systems must post the results of the most recent statistical analysis of the system.Vehicles crossing the stop bar after the light turns red are detected automatically and three photographs and video are taken.Superimposed on each photograph is the date, time, location, and how long into the red signal the violation occurred.The violation notice will include information on how an offender can pay the violation and view online images of his / her violation by logging in to the Online Violation site.

The violation notice will also include information on requesting a hearing to contest the violation, as well as how to transfer liability.

Yes, you may request an Administrative Hearing by mail or online.

Failure to pay the civil penalty or to contest liability in a timely manner is an admission of liability and may result in a suspension of the driving privileges of the registered owner of the vehicle.

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