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That isn’t easy when he loses his job and comes home to discover that his wife is having an affair.There’s a tremendous scene early on in which he vents his anger on his wife’s car, smashing its wing mirrors, pulling off its bonnet and pummelling its body work, hurting his fists as he does so.

“South of OK, north of cancer,” is the laconic way Bradley describes how he is feeling at the start of the movie.The looker and her friend reportedly called the bride a 'loser' and a 'b****' for kicking them out of her beach-side nuptials.The beauty's comments were caught on Instagram videos by Page Six before the actress' pal Shor reportedly took them down and asked the site not to write a story.He looks as if he might explode into an act of extreme aggression at any moment.The paradox about Bradley, and one of the reasons that is such an intriguing film, is that he’s also a quintessential American everyman with a hint of John Steinbeck’s Tom Joad about him.Katharine Mc Phee looked stunning in a purple string bikini as she vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the weekend.

The 33-year-old singer and actress was on holiday with her pal Hilary Shor, who is the producer on The Help and Children Of Men.

He has gone through life always “getting the skimmed milk” and hoping that maybe luck, for once, will bring him “the cream”.

A one-time boxer and former drug addict, he aspires to do the right thing.

At the same time, the film has an unexpected quirkiness and depth of characterisation.

Vaughn probably won’t win any awards but this is one of his most surprising and most affecting screen performances.

Katharine looked flawless in her little string bikini as she played around in a hotel pool at the Mexican resort spot.

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    Historically, marriages in most societies were arranged by parents and older relatives with the goal not being love but legacy and "economic stability and political alliances", according to anthropologists.