Virginia on invalidating foreclosure sale

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[2] Taxation Property Tax Foreclosure Notice Statutory Provisions Noncompliance Effect.A court has no jurisdiction to foreclose a property tax lien unless the statutory requirements relating to the content and manner of notice are met.

Nature of Action: After a county foreclosed its tax lien and sold the property at auction, a mortgagee and other parties who had not received notice of the foreclosure sought to have the tax foreclosure judgment vacated. The County further notified all persons listed in the title report as having a recorded interest or lien in the property, except those with easements or recorded covenants. [14] First, the statute requires that notice must be "given in a manner reasonably calculated to inform . Here, foreclosure actions were commenced prior to Wilde taking an interest in the property.Due process requires that any party with a substantial property interest that would be significantly affected by a tax sale must be given notice of property tax foreclosure proceedings.State law governs the existence of a substantial property interest.The absence of a sufficiently accurate property description in the notice of a property tax foreclosure proceeding renders the tax foreclosure judgment void on its face.[4] Taxation Property Tax Foreclosure Notice Description of Property Sufficiency Purpose.The sufficiency of a property description in a notice of a property tax foreclosure is an issue of fact.

[9] Taxation Property Tax Foreclosure Notice Parties Substantial Property Interest.

[10] Taxation Property Tax Foreclosure Notice Parties Type of Notice. Thus, a person must be served either personally or by publication followed by mailing. Although the language of the statute is controlling, the rationale used by the Court in Mennonite is helpful in determining precisely which interests give rise to the right to notice of a tax foreclosure sale. First, there are the easements held by Market Place North Condominium Association, MPN-Housing, and Market Place Tower Associates Joint Venture.

A party with a legally protected property interest in property that would be significantly affected by a tax sale is entitled to notice reasonably calculated to apprise the party of the pending tax sale. 707, 710, 740 P.2d 367, review denied, 109 Wn.2d 1012 (1987). Second, there are the covenants between Owners and Market Place North Condominium Association in the nature of condominium declarations.

A tax foreclosure judgment entered without jurisdiction is void, and the estoppel by deed statute (RCW ) does not prevent an appellate court from invalidating a tax sale following a void judgment.

[6] Statutes Construction Common Law Knowledge of Common Law Presumption.

The requirement of RCW that the notice of a property tax foreclosure must include both the legal description of the property and any local street address is satisfied if the description, when read as a whole, provides an intelligent means of identifying the property and is not misleading.

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