Virtual dating ideas

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Virtual dating ideas - maleficio 2006 online dating

thats the point, creativity is boundless not subject to labels like subjectivity. This is a test for the future of this discussion forum.

I need to exercise mine every day or it starts to not work. Use photovoltaic strips to harness the energy coming off the planet to reduce our need for carbon-based energy. The beauty of this is that if there is no global warming then the technique won’t work. Go back to carbon then until the planet starts heating again. The last few pictures are even the same except the different hair styles.At the end of part 2, Ariane reveals she sucks at relationships, and Rachel reveals that she has an odd fetish when it comes to sex — she can’t be herself, she role plays.This article might change your life or make you rich. Meanwhile, many futurists are at work on “what’s new for 2013? Some little ideas I’ve heard recently: “search engine for shared economy sites,” “real estate search engine.” Blech!

Rising unemployment, soldiers being replaced in their jobs by drones that kill babies, a new housing crisis that will end all housing crises, who is the real father of Kim Kardashian’s child, and on and on. While the futurists do their thing let’s actually get down to exercising our idea muscles. Some of my failures: “a dating site for Twitter users,” “crowdsourcing TV ads,” “Myspace for finance,” blah! If I give to a donut shop that means a lot less than if Barack Obama gives to a donut shop. Sorry.) C) Use Global Warming to Solve Global Warming. So it makes complete sense that people with higher Klout should be able to buy more things. And when they buy things, that infers Klout on the seller, who can now buy more things. We’re moving towards a Klout-currency world anyway. (In all respect to Josh Gosfeld, author of “ I just stole the idea you told me you were going to do a science-fiction novel about. In the conference room in Bangalore, another suit opens up. On the video screen in my suit I see what those eyes see. It’s just like if you take a robot and give it a human body, many people think it’s almost like an actual human even though it’s just a computer. If you can’t start a business then you end up being a temp staffer somewhere. Before I get to “J,” I want to explain “A.” The original idea was “Wi-Fi with protein.” When nomad tribes got to a new area 15,000 years ago they would think, “Where’s the food? NYC Starbucks locations) I think, “where is the Wi-Fi? So Wi-Fi with protein would solve the problem, right? For the life of me, I can’t figure out how you would do it. I just looked up everything I could about molecular biology on Wikipedia and I simply cannot figure out how to make Wi-Fi with protein. And if I ever make a company out of it that makes a few billion dollars, I’ll give you a small piece of the company and part of my Klout score. Let’s say I can’t make a meeting tomorrow that’s in India, 8,000 miles away. I get in my virtual reality suit at home and turn it on. My entire awareness feels like it’s in the room in Bangalore. And even though this is sort of like advanced video conferencing, the minds of the other people in the room are basically psychologically fooled into thinking I am right there with them. ” I can look at the Happiness Map to see where the happiest areas are and go there. Hopefully the business uses robots instead of humans else you won’t be able to compete against your higher-margin competitors. I don’t want just “social media.” I want social LIFE. By the way, if you are Ridley Scott please call me about licensing any of these ideas for a science-fiction movie. If you can come up with a good “J” to help me round this out into 10 ideas I’d be really grateful. Forget “social media.” Let’s see what I’m interested in when I’m ACTUALLY being social, i.e. If I say on the phone, “I’d really love to go skiing this year but I can’t afford it” I start getting offers on my shower curtain for skiing trips at a discount. Positive people uplift you, negative people bring you down. Everyone wears an earplug that takes constant scans of your brain activity. It’s rare that someone is actually good at what they do. Robots don’t kill themselves and they get the job done faster. Then it matches the results against the database of 1,000 happily married people.