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Tongeren is the oldest town in Belgium, as the only Roman administrative capital within the country's borders.

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During Julius Caesar’s campaigns in this part of Gaul in the first century BC, the Belgae revolted against the campaign of Caesar, led by the Eburones.Werkenden worden ondersteund via bijvoorbeeld kinderopvang of zorgverlof, gezinnen waarbij één van de partners thuisblijft via een fiscaal duwtje in de rug.Hij wijst erop dat thuisblijven voor het gezin ook werken is."Wanneer mensen ervoor kiezen om thuis te blijven voor hun gezin, mogen we die ook steunen. Freya Van den Bossche ziet dan weer meer prioriteit in perspectief bieden aan alleenstaande ouders.bae, the photos came from bex's snapchat account, not instagram.The city is a member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network.

and it was the capital of the large Roman province of Civitas Tungrorum, an area which covered modern Belgian Limburg, and at least parts of all the areas around it.

Before the Roman conquests, this area was inhabited by the group of Belgic tribes known as the Germani cisrhenani.

(Despite being known as the Germani, whether they spoke a Germanic language is debated, and the names of their tribes and their leaders were Celtic.) Specifically the Eburones were the largest of these tribes and the one living around Tongeren.

There was also a distinct tribe in the area known as the Aduatuci.

On the other hand, it has the same name and function as a local capital, and is in generally the right area.

Open Vld wil de fiscale voordelen voor gehuwden hervormen zodat vrouwen gestimuleerd worden om een job te zoeken.

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