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The influence of modeling of main technological parameters on the process of combined extrusion of thin-walled cylindrical components with the use of application programs reduces the time of process design and improves their accuracy.

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The result of innovation activity is an innovation, as a product (service) or process (technology), and its development is a factor of economic dynamics. The amperage, voltage, and active power was measured in each phase of the “distribution transformer – asymmetric load” model to confirm the discovered functional dependence. The Effect of Winding Temperature on the Load Losses of Active Power in Power Transformers at Substations, 2-120. Tikhonov has made a great contribution to the Russian literature, enriching it with internationally related themes, promotion of peace and friendship dually motivated by the experience received from the journey along the land of Caucasus. At that, footstep changes the position and pushes against the shoe upper parts, which stretch and then shrink. (2003) Modification of synthetic macromolecular materials using high-frequency discharge of low pressure. Thus, by bearing on foot beams, bending in the metatarsophalangeal joints, they widen in this area. Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan, Russia, 368 p. The studies were carried out using computer simulations according to multifactorial scheme, while the effect of each factor was estimated using the results of all experiments, which allows receiving more accurate results.

Influence analysis of technological parameters, the degree of deformation, tool geometry, deformation velocity, friction coefficient on the kinematics of material flow, strain-stress state of the blank and the force conditions will help to optimize the process of components manufacturing. Inkjet Printing and Additive Technologies for the Fabrication of RF Components.

Samples of buffer dry leather and grain leather were subjected to high-frequency plasma treatment under reduced pressure by using a radio frequency (RF) plasma with a discharge power (P) of 0.2 to 1.8 k W and a duration of exposure (tau) up to 7 min.

The priority of improving the leather properties is high-frequency (HF) low-pressure plasma processing.

(2015) Smooth shoe uppers and methods for producing them: US 9101179 B2.

(2010) Status and prospects of development of the footwear industry.

The practical value of the article is in presenting the promising directions of the corporate governance in Kazakhstan and in suggesting ways to improve the effectiveness of the corporate governance in the banking sector of the Republic, which may be acceptable to the other transition economies. It is pointed that the effectiveness of innovative development of organizations lies in achieving of technical, resource, economic and social effects (multi-effect). Odessa: This research investigates the problem of estimating additional losses in 6 (10)/0.4 k V voltage rating double-wound power transformers caused by asymmetric active-inductive load with a delta connection. May Decree of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation dated February 28 (2003), 6.

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