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But as a paedophile ring is smashed, one man jailed for child porn offences gives a brutally honest insight into his warped desires... Bill Henkel and his wife Sharon sit close together on a sofa in their bright, immaculate detached home in a quiet corner of eastern England. They sing in old age homes and Henkel, 47, likes to help the elderly of the parish with D. He was prosecuted, sentenced to 15 months' imprisonment in March last year and released at the halfway point in October.

He began viewing some of the sites and within four months he had progressed from looking at legal adult porn sites to accessing child porn through news groups - internet sites where people with similar interests share information.His determination to seek help was stronger than ever."In the end, it wasn't such a hard decision for me to stick around and help him.I don't believe he could have hurt a child." Yet before she can continue, Henkel interrupts and with chilling honesty says: "Sharon, you're kidding yourself. "I did realise that the fantasies were getting stronger and I was becoming more and more obsessed.After a while, the material you're viewing doesn't give you the same buzz and you look for more extreme versions.While Cox was given an "indeterminate sentence", Bill Henkel admits that, in his case, getting caught was the best thing that could have happened to him.

Henkel, 48, once a high-flying IT expert, had known throughout his adult life that his sexuality was warped.But he was found by Sharon who called an ambulance.Asked whether his despair was rooted in the fear that he might eventually try to act out the fantasies he was viewing online, he pauses.More significant, he believes, was his infatuation as a boy with a friend's younger sister.He says: "I was about 12 and she was about ten when we met. She was a lovely little girl, always the first to go to a younger kid in the street and help them if they'd fallen or were crying. I never got over the immense attraction I felt for her. "But in my fantasies, she remained that sweet ten-year-old girl, and gradually images of other girls of that age replaced her in my fantasies.' Henkel seems comfortable discussing the matter with Sharon at his side.Yet Sharon believes that Henkel is a decent man, which is why she worked so hard to help him cope with his urges. I could have walked away then and left him to it, but within hours of him being found out, I could see his remorse was genuine.