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Waponlinechat in

Grows up with Dante and Olivia Falconeri in Bensonhurst.

Tried to begin a friendship with Sam Mc Call after he treated her several times.

Mother of Danielle Manning and Victor Lord III (stillborn).

Doctor at General Hospital who is involved in a drug-importing scheme with Claudia Zacchara.

Biological son of Scott Baldwin and Heather Webber.

Thought to have been killed by Jason as revenge for the many crimes he committed against Jason's family.

She ended up being shot instead and came back as a ghost to venge herself on Paul which lead to his death.

Mother of Stefan Cassadine, Stavros Cassadine and Irina Cassadine.

Has a major crush on Lulu Spencer; later fell for Epiphany Johnson.

Separated from her boyfriend, John Mc Bain, after she gets a letter and a photo from her uncle, Todd Manning, that shows John cheating on her with Sam Morgan and the fact that John has been neglecting both her and their son Liam while staying at Port Charles.

Cursed Luke and Laura Spencer on their wedding day on November 16, 1981.

Son of Laura Spencer and Stavros Cassadine, making him part of both the Spencer family and Cassadine family.

Shot and killed on Helena's orders when she refused to be part of her mother's plots anymore.