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7 Day Cooling Off Period Bank Charges Banking Breach of Contract Buying off the Internet buying online Cancellation Period Cars Compensation Consumer Advice Consumer Credit Act Consumer Protection Consumer Rights Consumer Rights Consumers Legal Rights Contracts for Services cooling off period cowboy builders Credit Agreements Credit Card Fraud Credit Card Protection Credit Cards damages distance selling Distance Selling Regulations food Getting a refund getting your money back junk mail mail order mobile phone Money Saving Money Saving Tips OFT Quality refund right to cancel sale of goods act Scams Section 75 Statutory Rights tradesmen Utilities Visa Debit Chargeback Which?The Huawei Y6 Elite 4G is a new prepaid phone now on offer for $129 from Vodafone, it has a 5" screen and comes with 8GB onboard memory, Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and a Quad-core 1.3 GHz 64-bit processor.

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Traders must provide you with specific information in regard to their obligations and your rights before you confirm your order.

You may recall the Y550 was touted as Vo LTE compatible but has yet not made on the list of models to have this capability enabled which is only available for those with a subset of post-paid accounts.

According to the NZ specs it has that, and 2600Mhz (B7) too! Funny, I almost accidentally smashed my phone about half an hour ago. Any chance of a phone with all bands, NFC and a finger print reader under 0 (and dual SIM too maybe ;-) Edit: There is a discrepancy between the NZ specs and the Vodafone AU specs. B7 makes more sense for NZ so perhaps the NZ spec is correct – but could we be getting a different model? Remove chrome and use a lighter browser and your memory problems will be solved. If I need that band to get reception on their network then obviously I'm happy, only one of my other devices has this so i know what I'm missing and it would be a welcome bonus if I buy this phone, it's not because I'm conditioned by them... Obviously having 700MHz on 4G is the new standard requirement on all phones, along with 2100MHz it's become essential.

If no time period is specified, then the statutory time limit is 30 days (unless you have agreed otherwise).

If the supplier is unable to fulfil their obligations within 30 days, they must inform you before the end of the 30 day deadline.

This does not bother me in the least, the Snapdragon 210 is a more than capable CPU for the current era of cheapo phones and offers exceptional battery life.

The only potential negative I can see with it so far is that the hardware buttons (back, home, tasks) seem to be missing, I've never been a fan of on-screen buttons, they take away valuable display space and alter the way the phone is used, especially in landscape mode. What we are talking about here are the Distance Selling Regulations and it’s important to be clear on what they cover and whether you can benefit from the protection they offer UK consumers. It’s highly likely that at some point you will have bought something over the phone or on the internet, and unlike buying something in a shop, it’s a situation whereby you are not physically face to face with the supplier.Obviously installing some bloated game or app that was never intended to run on a cheapo phone will cause it stress, but for normal use 1GB is heaps for most people. The bigger issue is Huawei's rubbish Emotion UI and out of the box this isn't running Marshmallow which is sloppy for 9 RRP.My Y635 and Y550 phones all run fine with just 1GB of RAM, so there is no reason this new one won't either. Have Vodafone conditioned you to accept phones from them that only have a subset of their bands?Distance selling contracts are those which are concluded (you making your order and the retailer / e-tailer confirming your order) exclusively by ‘means of distance communication’.

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