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wrote: Next comes "his shipping company", the amount that the spoofed email says has been sent is for more than the purchase price of the camera.

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The scammer will ask you to wire to excess money to his shipping company by either Western Union or Money Gram.At some point they say "hey, it's broken" or "it's not what I thought it was" and they do a charge back on their CC (Paypal allows a transaction to be CC backed).At this point, they have the camera and their money.If you bought through ebay, the only real recourse is for their accounts to be closed.And, Paypal doesn't really give a cr*p, because they got their cut of the transaction, so good luck interesting them in helping you.The bank of course reserves the right to claw back the money from you if a cheque bounces or is fake. Your payment is valid so it goes through and they have your real money, then their fake payment later bounces.

In many cases the buyer thinks they are safe because the item for sale hasn't even been shipped yet.Then, several weeks later, the original cheque/payment bounces as the cheque/account is fake.The money is deducted from your account and you are out the extra that you paid to the "shipping agent".This is right off the CL page on how to avoid being scammed.In fact, this is the first item on the list."DEAL LOCALLY WITH FOLKS YOU CAN MEET IN PERSON - follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts on craigslist."I have never heard of anyone having a good experience on CL who was dealing with someone outside their area that required shipping.He's hoping you will believe the email and not check your account.

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