Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception destination not found

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** on ms2 create a persistent store "filestore2" ** create a SAF Agent "TESTSAFAgent", Sending only, targeted to the Persistent Store "filestore2" on ms2 (the SAF Agent doesn't use a JMS Server, only a Persistent Store) This will appear in the JNDI tree, under weblogic.jms: Binding Name: Monitoring pages are available at SAFAgent level, and at Imported Destination level Message should arrive at destination.The message has these properties set: [email protected] [email protected]@SAFTest Module! [email protected]@ms2201109091356440079 JMS_BEA_SAF_SEQUENCE=1 The logs should trace: BEA-040506 The JMS SAF forwarder has successfully connected to the remote destination "null/SAFTESTREMOTE_ON_MS1".thanks."Anil B", There aren't many rules that you need to worry about here on the Ranch, but one that we take very seriously regards the use of proper names. See that in both the machines the Guest Disabled is Unchecked in Domain Wide Security settings of both machines, also see that credential checking tab is unchecked and the contents of credential principals in both the machines are the SAME. If the connection factories on both machines are XA enabled,deploy adapters jms-xa-adp on both machines using console (Deployments-connector Modules-upload your files).jms-xa-adp is in weblogic81-server-lib. Please take a look at the Java Ranch Naming Policy and adjust your display name to match it. Context context= new Initial Context(); To Environment(Context. WLInitial Context Factory"); To Environment(Context. PROVIDER_URL,"t3://"); To Environment(Context. SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION,"weblogic"); To Environment(Context. SECURITY_CREDENTIALS,"weblogic"); To Environment(Context. SECURITY_PRINCIPAL,"weblogic"); Queue Connection Factory con Fact=(Queue Connection Factory)context.lookup("t3:// Connection Factory1"); Queue Connection connection=con Fact.create Queue Connection(); Queue queue=(Queue)context.lookup("t3://"); Queue Session session=connection.create Queue Session(true, Session.

AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE); Queue Sender qs=session.create Sender(queue); Text Message message=session.create Text Message("hi its very urgent please"); qs.send(message); connection.close(); please help me out..WLEvent Context Impl.lookup(WLEvent Context Impl.java:254) at internal. Self Tuning Work Manager Impl$Work Adapter Impl.run(Self Tuning Work Manager Impl.java:528) at SAFTESTREMOTE_ON_MS1 weblogic.messaging.dispatcher. Dispatcher Exception: could not find Server ms1 Caused by: javax.naming.WLContext Impl.lookup(WLContext Impl.java:411) at forwarder. Forwarder$Subforwarder.lookup Target Destination(Forwarder.java:611) at forwarder. Forwarder$Subforwarder.connect Local JMS(Forwarder.java:572) at forwarder. Forwarder$Subforwarder.access0(Forwarder.java:533) at forwarder. Forwarder.reconnect(Forwarder.java:275) at forwarder. Forwarder.timer Expired(Forwarder.java:311) at weblogic.timers.internal. Execute Thread.execute(Execute Thread.java:207) at Name Not Found Exception: Unable to resolve 'weblogic.messaging.dispatcher. Resolved 'weblogic.messaging.dispatcher'; remaining name 'S:ms1' Undelivered messages are visible on TESTSAFAgent/Monitoring/Remote Endpoints/ SAFTest Module! [email protected]@ms2 ** You need to create the "SAFTESTREMOTE_ON_MS1" JMS Queue on ms1 and start ms1. You also get a log file in jms.- if you enable message logging it should contain details of the forwarded messages.This document takes the reader through troubleshooting and resolving one of those reasons - improperly configured RFC destinations and system aliases.The resolution would be on the Net Weaver Gateway Front-End.This document explains how to troubleshoot, identify and fix problems with Launchpad navigation if there are issues with RFC destinations and system aliases.