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The study showed that there was an inverse relationship between the shape of the head, tail and body of the spermatozoids and hours spent cycling each week.

Learn More: Male Infertility More Common in Overweight Men Good news! According to research, guys with low sperm counts who abstain for more than a day slow down production even more and cause the sperm that is in the bank to go “stale.” Enjoy your sex.A study, where researches got 10 people to handle unused receipts and then eat a basket of french fries, showed that, following the test, the participants had BPA levels that were 10X higher than when they started. Learn More: Receipts May Expose us to High Levels of BPAHow to Avoid BPA Exposure from Cash Register Receipts Sex toys are often made with the plastic softening chemicals called phthalates. Luckily there are sperm friendly lubricants created for just that and we link to them below.Learn More: Sperm Friendly Lubricant Weird combination, but these two things contain chemicals called perfluoralkyl acids which give them their non-stick quality.It was found that men with high levels of these chemicals in their blood (like plant workers) had half the sperm counts of normal men.Learn More: Sperm Counts Sunk By Non-Stick Chemicals Nonstick Cookware and Teflon Dangers More Nonstick Cookware Goodness Phthalates are found in most shampoos, soaps, conditioners, deodorants and shaving products. The fact is, sperm counts are down over 50% since the 1940’s. [Source]Regardless, were not here to talk about So for that, here are 50 things that will help:1-25 are things you can do/avoid in order to increase your sperm count.26-40 are foods that increase your sperm count.41-50 are supplements that will increase your sperm count. These chemicals came around in the 1940’s, right when sperm counts began there decline. Learn More: Are Household Plastics Making You Less of a Man According to this study, one of the plastics we referred to above, BPA, is still to this day used in many canned foods.

The most studied causes for this trend are the increase in plastic use, certain therapeutic drugs, our poor food sources & dietary choices,and the overuse of insecticides, pesticides and industrial chemicals. I say excessive because if you looked around for 5 seconds you would see that you are by plastics. But as you will see throughout this article, plastic chemicals like BPA and Phthalates are found in everything from our water sources to household products, and are proven to .

Tim Ferris actually states in his book , that he increased his sperm count simply by keeping his phone in an armband rather than his pocket.

He has all sorts of great stuff like this in his book. Learn More: Are Cell Phones Bad For Male Fertility?

Learn More: WIFI Laptops Potentially Hazardous to Sperm While alcohol is not shown to drastically decrease sperm counts, it is a good strategy to limit the booze when you are trying to increase your sperm count or father children.

Learn More: Direct Effect of Alcohol on Sperm It was found in a study of spanish triathletes that they had a lower sperm count that athletes competing in sports that didn’t involve cycling.

You can find these on most fruits and veggies that are not certified organic. Learn More:16 Common Medications That Can Lower Your Sperm Count Stress is a big cause of low testosterone levels. Learn More: Laptop Use on Lap May Reduce Sperm Quality.00 Lapdesk Another reason to get that laptop off your lap is because a recent study showed that blasting sperm collected from 29 healthy men with wifi exposure caused one-quarter of the sperm to stop swimming, while only 14% of sperm not exposed stopped swimming.

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