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Kik and Whatsapp have a long way to go before they move give Tencent's messaging app a run for its money there...

So it’s now Snapchat more popular than KIK among teenagers?

Censors will close offending accounts for one week for each infraction, until the fourth.

The fourth time an account is found to have been violating the new rules, the CAC will place a permanent ban on that user.

And about a year ago, 45 people were jailed or warned about "spreading rumors" about a knife attack.

Those warned or jailed where prominent bloggers who questioned the narrative surrounding the knife attacks and well as the ethnicity of the attackers.

The Great Firewall has long been used to suppress China's predilection for porn, though VPNs have been used to sidestep that sort of censorship for just as long.

It's almost a rite of passage for foreigners in the country cut their teeth on a proxy service so they can still enjoy their smut, or beloved episodes of . What's less clear is whether this move will see users in China jumping ship to more secure services like Telegram.

Chinese sensors will punish We Chat users who use language or images that describe or depict nudity, eroticism, sexual abuse, one-night stands, wife sharing and "other harmful information," according to a report from Reuters.

Other offending material includes ads for drugs, ads about sexually transmitted diseases, voyeuristic media and any leaked content.

[They bloggers] deliberately creating a panicked mood and disturbing social order, and will be dealt with according to the law and punished by public security," stated China's Public Security Bureau branch on its Weibo account.

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report points out that the country is cracking down on all the naughty content that's being shared on We Chat.

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