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An integral part of Milano's childhood was watching baseball with her father and brother.

Her family background also inspired another outlet for her talents, as a fashion designer.

The show ran for eight successful seasons, turning Alyssa Milano into one of the leading teen icons of 1980s American pop culture.

During her years on the sitcom, Alyssa Milano also released several pop albums, which were only sold in Japan.

Additionally, in 1985, Milano played the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenneger's character in the action film brought Milano widespread recognition, but it also created obstacles for her down the line; fearing that she would be typecast, she spent several years trying to break free of her identification with the character Samantha Micelli.

She managed to shed her wholesome teenage reputation by taking risqué roles in movies such as , playing one of three sisters who discover they are modern-day witches.

She's a really, really, really bad dater because she's never had to do it before — she married her high school sweetheart. I would rather be anywhere in the world than on a first date. Alyssa Milano gets married TVGuide.com: Do you think viewers will relate to that?

She's trying to get over her ex husband [and] takes all the wrong advice from her group of friends. Milano: I think that her quirkiness and her geekyness really make her sympathetic, and I think that people will respond to that.When Milano was offered a role as one of the orphans, her parents were wary of giving their permission.Only seven years old at the time, Milano simply wouldn't back down."I think I'm most proud to be an ambassador for UNICEF.That's probably the work I'm most proud of.TVGuide.com: You recently got married, but can you still relate to awkward dating situations? I've had many more years of the awkward dating situation than the marriage. Looking for love is such a universal thing that I think there is something in every episode that people will grasp onto as the series goes on. With all of the characters there are romantic challenges they have to sort of go through, but they're always able to lean on each other. Milano: Really the heart of the show is about a group of friends who are totally functional with each other, and then as soon as they step outside of their immediate circle, they're socially inept.