Who is anna hutchison dating

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Who is anna hutchison dating

and then Sasha locates Anna's phone via GPS and runs off with a gun.(It used to belong to their father, Anna stole it from the parents' house when she was feeling paranoid, blah blah whatever.) So the mom finally leaves the house after five years and Sasha won't even be there to greet her.

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(She bails on him and feels woozy when she gets home but is like, “Nah, that douche wouldn't drug me.”) Then there's Nate (Kevin Joy), Anna's ex-boyfriend who she thinks is trying to reconnect with her through a mysterious profile with an unclear photo.

) Even thought the detective very firmly warns Sasha not to take matters into her own hands and to wait for the police to get there, Sasha doesn't listen and decides to go all Scooby Doo on the situation.

She points the gun at Matt just as he's about to strangle Anna.

But, you know, don't give up on love, get back on that horse, etc., etc.

The movie starts with a happy family having dinner at home.

And let's not forget Pete (Phillip Karner), the only nice guy she goes out with.

He obviously ends up getting murdered, but we'll get to that.

(If only…) Anna has a falling out with Pete because Sasha accuses him of being the stalker when she finds a second business phone in his bag.

They make up over the phone, but before they can be reunited, Pete is killed by a shadowed stranger in the back of his car.

The detective tells her she should report the account to Swipe. She also doesn't block the profile or delete her app.

Because then we wouldn't have the rest of the movie.

(And by the way, what was the point of the mom being an agoraphobe if she wasn't even going to have anything to do with saving Anna?

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