Who is deborah cox dating

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Who is deborah cox dating

After a while, I began to wonder if the film’s effort to paint Brown as a wonderful upstanding man came at the expense of delving into all of the things that made Whitney Houston who she was outside of their relationship.Perhaps this one-dimensional portrait of Houston has something to do with the fact that those who knew her best weren’t involved.

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But this attempt to make Houston and Brown into a more digestible love story seemed forced.and the People’s Choice Awards are counting your votes! She’s been in Durham for a few days and just bounced from California to Texas to Florida to New York to Raleigh, N. C., back to Texas, then to Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and now Durham. We have to keep up an eight-show-a-week schedule, a Broadway schedule, while we’re traveling.This is not a swipe at Yaya; it’s just that Whitney was such a dynamic figure that there is probably not a soul in Hollywood who can convincingly embody her.However, the best portrayal of Whitney in the film came from R&B singer Deborah Cox.Capturing the essence of such a world-renowned star’s life is a tall order.

But aside from the scenes when Da Costa shimmied down the crowded basement hallways — in her multi-colored sequin cropped jackets and high-waist slacks — and onto the stage of several performances, Whitney Houston didn’t really seem to be in this movie.

She provided the vocals to the only four featured Houston songs.

Not too many singers can touch Whitney’s vocal prowess, but Cox’s performance came pretty close.

“Luckily, with technology I’m able to Skype and i Chat and text and stay very present in their day-to-day,” she says.

“I tend to worry a lot, but I have an amazing support system.

“It is a really great charity organization which mentors and teaches children in orphanages and townships in South Africa,” she says.