Who is elliott yamin dating

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Who is elliott yamin dating

Though he came in third, he has since gone on to eclipse the first- and second-place winners, and is being touted as perhaps one of the greatest of a new generation of male singers.

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When you hear him, you know immediately that few guys in any musical genre sing with this kind of authenticity. Watching Yamin grow from nobody to somebody, while carrying his diabetes proudly, has inspired diabetics everywhere.

“I feel like I m reaching that everyday that I live.

It gave me something to strive toward.” Not surprisingly, Yamin said he’d like to make a “soulful, R&B” album – but may also branch out.

elimination show were thisclose, Elliott Yamin had a feeling his time on the competition was up.

“I had that intuition and I had that feeling that my name was going to be attached to that 33.06 percent or whatever the bottom number was,” Yamin said Thursday.

“It is going to help muscle function, it is going to increase the volume (of his voice) maybe. David Frey an altruist.” For his part, Elliott says, “The bottom line was, I was long overdue for a dentist appointment,” and tells People that he wanted to “express my emotions better” when he sang.

So if anything, he could become an even better singer,” Dr. Elliott recently released a Christmas single on AOL (“The Christmas” is a cover of the Donny Hathaway song), and his manager tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch that “a Feb.The untrained youth began singing in local bands and in amateur venues, and his influences came to include the likes of Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett and Ray Charles.While working as a pharmacy clerk, he left his job to audition for American Idol on the advice of his friends, but he had little idea of where he was really heading.In fact, his model girlfriend Jaime Paetz told People that she actually prefers the old smile. I liked his old teeth, but if (the veneers) make him happy, then I’m happy,” she said.The Beverly Hills dentist who did the procedure for free says that the changes will also affect his singing.“It was proven throughout the season that I can be as versatile as I want to be,” he said. The studio is going to be my haven and that’s where I’ll really be able to shine.

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