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'Inclusion doesn't mean a token appearance on the runway.If brands truly espouse diversity, then they should put diversity into practice behind-the-scenes, around the scenes and on the scene all the time - for every season and under every spotlight.'She continued to proclaim the need for diversity to be the norm rather than 'shocking'.'There shouldn't be a shock factor every time a diverse model is cast - it needs to be the norm,' she said.

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But why was I the only transgender model to walk at all this season at London Fashion Week?

Meet Dan Wolf, Owner of The New London Inn and Coach House Restaurant, in this interview with the Kearsarge Chronicle.

Here, he discusses the many changes that have taken place at the Inn, including...

Alongside his photo, Alan added: "#Halloween dress ups to celebrate a very special event!

Trans model Talulah-Eve was the only transgender model to walk the runway at London Fashion Week last month - and she's not happy about it.

Also on the list were Australian catwalk queen Andreja Pejić, Lea T, and Isis King.

Rihanna also recently dropped her new make-up line, Fenty Beauty, which people of all of all backgrounds were buzzing about and desperate to try.The 23-year-old, who earned fame as a contestant on Britain's Next Top Model, feels 'fortunate' to have been cast in Giles Deacon's show, but she's disappointed that there was no one else like her walking all week.In a powerful open letter published by Teen Vogue, Talulah-Eve calls on the fashion industry to be more diverse and inclusive, not just relying on 'tokenism' to get by.Constantly scouring the city for the most unique and exciting venues, LWE regularly comes up trumps in its quest to throw the biggest and best raves in the city.Those into their daytime partying too should check out all dayers from Sankeys London and Abode.Talulah-Eve said that this proves that the fashion industry is becoming more diverse and that people are excited to see it happen.