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A quick guide: GTE = oomph (the most available immediate power via both sources).Hybrid = most efficient range (500 miles plus via intelligently alternating between both power sources).

That said, whether cruising in the fast lane or snaking through the countryside, the GTE still sits on its boots quite beautifully compared to a lot of other hyper/hot/warm hatches I could mention.

Because they are tuned in to something called ‘the world hum’. It’s a phenomenon that Martin Amis refers to in his stunning new book, The Rub Of Time. Not that he thinks for one second this is actually the case, though he happily goes on to speak fondly of his old friend J G Ballard striking lucky a couple of times.

The SF genius (all purists call ‘science fiction SF and have nothing but contempt for sci-fi’, apparently) predicted not only climate change in his 1964 novel The Drought but also spookily ‘tapped’ Ronald Reagan for the White House a decade before it came to pass.

Especially seeing as it has a brand new hum all of its own.

This is actually the second new Golf I’ve been sent in the past three months.

It reignited my urge to own a new 2.0-litre petrol 2017 GTi, which I thought I’d overcome.

But even more worryingly, it caused me to experience the first pangs of the enjoyment of electric tranquillity over the noisy calamity of internal combustion.

From the moment I left the drive, early in the morning, foot down on wide open roads, the electric motor didn’t really get a look in, so for a car capable of over 150mpg, I was seeing just 32mpg. Of course, I could have subsequently made use of the electric range I hadn’t yet employed by pootling around the capital for an hour or two.

But to be quite honest, I just want to get in and out of there as quickly as possible.

People – not all people of course, but the kind of people you might like to mix with, the kind who never take life for granted, who wake up every morning and approach every day as if it’s their first or last and who usually end up leaving our world a little richer than they found it – increasingly want experiences as opposed to material possessions. And how come these part-time futurists and full-time guru friends of mine are so certain they are right? Treat yourself one night soon by curling up to the mellifluous and mischievous tones of the adorable Bill Nighy reading abridged excerpts from Amis on the BBC i Player Radio app. Being tuned in to the world hum, Amis suggests, is perhaps how some authors appear to be particularly prescient from time to time.

It’s more the rage now than it’s ever been, apparently. I know this because I’ve been privy to several meetings where various groups of very clever people are making it their business to facilitate this ‘can do’ cognoscenti to experience more as opposed to own more.

For my wife’s requirements, on the other hand – the school run, gym, local shops and the odd trip into town – the GTE is nighon perfect. There are two major financial carrots currently being dangled in front of anyone remotely interested in a bit of groovy VW GTE hybrid action.