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Larry is seen again in April 2017 (Muirhead), when Tracy begins looking for her father's painting.

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Tracy said she would expose him as not being the Ashton family heir if he did not.

The search ended when Robert Scorpio's dog buried the key. He lost his title when Charlie Prince turned out to be the real heir.

Larry continued to scheme with Tracy to discredit Monica by revealing that Dawn Winthrop was her illegitimate daughter.

Amanda and Sylvia, along with Holly Sutton are also blackmail victims to Leo Russell.

Leo, the young masseur at the Avalon Spa, seduces his victims on the massage table and catches compromising positions on a hidden camera device.

To achieve their goals, they thought it would be best for Paul Hornsby to marry Tracy to take over her stock of ELQ.

Killing her was an option to get control of her stock.Ned disowns him and he leaves town without the painting.Introduced in 1984, Amanda is a wealthy Port Charles socialite and close friend of Lila Quartermaine and her husband Edward Quartermaine. Malcolm is deceased, but left behind a wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Alison.Beatrice catches wind of this and uses it to her advantage.On the night of an annual charity ball, Beatrice is found dead.Larry is then seen toasting Ned on his engagement to Olivia.

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