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179.5 cm sounds like Viggo Mortensen's height and Viggo is definitely taller than Bloom: Click Here This doesn't sell me on the accuracy of laser measurements to say the least!

said on 16/Jul/17Keira Knightley claims 5'7" and gets listed at 5'7" , care to explain this pic?You say Jerry Bruckheimer wasn't wearing lifts at either event?? Even if he put a 1 cm lift in their, Bloom is still looking a mile from 179.5 cm and it probably wouldn't be more than Bloom's boots even with a 1 cm lift. It's your problem if you take statements too literally.I wear lifts myself so call it an educated guess if you like.My best bet is that he is a flat 5'10 maybe and in shoes 5'11.said on 15/Aug/17Bloom looks nothing over 5'10" to me with Elijah Wood and Billy Boyd who are about 5'5" and 5'5.5", respectively: Click Here There's 3 full pics posted on this page where Bloom doesn't look any more than 5'11" in boots if Keira Knightley is 5'10" in heels.Women routinely wear shoes that give them several inches of height with some of the bigger heels being quite ridiculous.

Knightly is probably wearing heels in both those and is probably close to 5'11 in them.

I would bet a good chunk of change he has no lifts there, which is bad news for Bloom: Click Here said on 20/Jul/17jjj said on 19/Jul/17 I'd agree with this listing.

A picture of him and Forest Whitaker and Conrad Kemp suggest he is this listing too: Click Here: Look at those boots : D and how his jeans fall haha.

Editor Rob: I don't know, but knowing how Tussaud's loosely measure people, there's always room for error.

It's not like they use stadiometers or anything from what I've seen!

Click Here Lets be generous and say she gets 3 inches scraping 5'10" does Orlando look 1.5 inches taller there? said on 16/Jul/17While yes, I do admit I have a bad short term memory, hence why I update opinions way too often.

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