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One day, Ram lands a big client, a new luxury resort.

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more Double rows of old live oak trees form a sprawling canopy across North and South Boulevards in Houston's Broadacres neighborhood. more Chrisceldia Marshall has her wedding photo taken by Broderick Richard in front of a John Staub designed home located at 1324 South Boulevard Wednesday, Aug. There are significant clusters of them in River Oaks, especially Lazy Lane, and Broadacres. more A home located at 1305 South Boulevard is one of the many homes designed by architect John Staub photographed Wednesday, Aug. There are significant clusters of them in River Oaks, especially Lazy Lane, and Broadacres.

The poster might lead you to believe that this is a "LOL" kind of movie and will have overacted histrionics comprising the comical scenes. This is a well thought and well acted "dramedy" that you can enjoy with anyone ranging from friends, siblings to parents.

The story revolves around 4 sisters who dote on their youngest brother CJ.

Setting up an arrangement to pretend as lovers-to make his ex jealous-they found themselves falling to each other yet falling apart.

I am not an expert in pinoy flicks having watched only a handful of them.

Once they hear that he has decided to marry a girl he just met, they embark on a mission to stop the wedding at any cost and save their "baby brother" from yet another heartbreak.

Every single person in the cast was really delightful.

This movie shows the nature of many women and how they get involved with an already busy man in the Eastern part of the world.

I've lived there myself and the same thing happened to me many times.

But that scene too, though a bit sappy, is filmed to near perfection.

The dialogue was just marvelous and the final sequence had a lot to reveal in a really well scripted manner.

They remain in their character throughout and deliver a very good and likable performance.

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    But with an Internet crime like this, it’s much more difficult.”As for the Texas woman, she came forward “because I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.

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    Most seem to be focussed on playing cupid between millionaires looking for 'sugar babies', girls and women looking for a wealthy man to take care of them and provide favors in return.

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    The collapse of this regime in 1991 marked the close of the twentieth century.