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I assure you that it will be controlled venting, without vitriol, hyperbole, or vindictiveness. I have also spoken with Mexican Americans and African Americans who have shared their concerns with me, and seeing the world through their eyes, I understand their fears.(Of course, I’ve read many comments from Muslim Americans that express their concerns too.) What, exactly, will the president’s immigration policy look like, and what, exactly, does he mean by being a “law and order” candidate?

But, in reality, those sources of income are very small compared to congregational giving. One third of the churches increased the outsourcing of staff over the past five years.And right on cue, race-baiters and responsibility-evaders have raised their heads, claiming that, “The Electoral College Is an Instrument of White Supremacy and Sexism.” A group of civil rights leaders has also stated that, “While racial voter suppression was widespread, voter suppression was generational as well.Millennials, as a multiracial demographic, also were targeted by strict ID laws and poll closings affecting millions of youth, college and high school students, as well as young professionals.” Seriously?You mean to tell me that is why millennials, along with blacks and Hispanics, did not turn out in the expected numbers?It had nothing to do with lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton? It’s outrageous that voter ID is not universally required, and there are more than enough examples of voter fraud coming to the surface every day.Rather than shouting profanities in the streets, they should be looking in the mirror.

Pollster Frank Luntz tweeted, “I saw a Trump protester with a sign on the subway … I asked him if he voted, and he said no.” And a report from Portland, Oregon indicated that, “More than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t vote, according to state election records.” What do you know!

As I have noted in other articles, outsourcing is a major trend in churches.

Leaders are increasingly becoming aware that many typical employee functions are not part of the core that makes a church unique.

Here are some of the more common church staff outsourcing I have found with an example of each: Administrative assistants/secretaries (EAHelp) Bookkeepers/financial assistants (MAG Bookkeeping) Web support/webmasters (Render) Ongoing writing and publications (Ellipsis) Click here to read more.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-full wp-image-183938" src="https://i1com/blackchristiannews.com/go/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/weeks-marriage.jpg" alt="Bishop Thomas Weeks III and Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks (Facebook)" width="500" height="250" / Today, I want to celebrate and honor the love of my life Bishop Thomas Weeks III, as we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on .

And though the data I’ve collected in the past may not compare perfectly with the research of this latest study, the contrasts are, at the very least, instructional and interesting. Growing churches pay their pastors and staff slightly less than declining churches.