Who is wynonna judd dating 2016

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They played a mandolin on Judd music, which I didn’t go for!There was a constant crackle of tension.” Toward the end of the Vegas run, Naomi developed bronchitis and ended up hospitalized.

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When I'm off by myself in the woods, I look up and go "God, am I okay as a mother, and am I a good daughter and sister?While her mother and sister have spoken about the 'fun' childhood, Ashley remembers a dysfunctional home that was tainted by drug use and alcoholism.Wynonna, 46, credits her life coach for talking her into the TV documentary.'The coach said, "If there are any two people that I know, to know how far you guys have come, you have to do this because you deserve to celebrate where your relationship is now." So we said yes,' the flame-haired singer said.Naomi, now 65, was not honest with her oldest daughter about her real father, and Wynonna battled weight issues.Last week, both women revealed they had been sexually abused as children, and Naomi's younger daughter, actress Ashley, revealed she had been raped.'It's hard to sing it knowing it's so personal and so many people will see it,' she said.

But amid the drama and chaos, there is plenty of humour in the series.I just have to figure out a way to deal with the dynamics,' she said.Wynonna said she has not read Ashley's memoir, published last week, but added; 'It's like if three people are on a car trip, and when they get back they each have their own version of the trip.With another curtain falling on her career, more family discord and her ailment, Naomi knew her mental health could be in jeopardy again as well, “but I had a leg up because I had already seen where I had been,” she says.“And Wy and Ashley were around me and they knew what to watch out for and they knew how to fuss at me if something was going on.” Today, she says, she doesn’t see Wynonna as often as she’d like, even though she and Ashley both live within walking distance of their mother on adjoining farms in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee “She’s been out on the road so much with her husband. They’re writing, producing, making their own music.” But Wy and her son Elijah did drop by recently for one of Naomi’s weekly Thursday night dinners: “Everybody knows that on Thursday nights at 6 o’clock if you’re in town, come over and there’s going to be tons of food and we do bent-over double belly laughs and we play games.” And, Judd says, she’s hoping both daughters show for her Christmas party.We scare each other because we can go so deep.” , which chronicles her battle against depression, she writes that she leaned on younger daughter, actress Ashley Judd, during her treatment but she says that for many months, neither of her daughters or her husband, Larry Strickland, were able to help her out of her darkness.