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Apparently, it was once different, with Barbara recounting a story she had heard from Oprah’s father about a roadtrip with the couple when Oprah was much more touchy-feely with Stedman.

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’” Winfrey, 63, revealed to Vogue in an interview published on Monday, August 14.

Some of Winfrey's confidants have been privately urging her to run, the sources said.

One of the sources said these conversations date back several months.

The person emphasized that Winfrey has not made up her mind about running.

A representative for Winfrey has not responded to requests for comment. The touchstone of her speech was the #Me Too movement.

But the OWN network queenpin has publicly insisted, “I’m not a lesbian.

I’m not even kind of a lesbian.” In 2011, after her talk show ended, she stoked Stedman’s marriage hopes by babbling on and on about a wedding in Italy with a celeb-studded guest list.

“After their fight, Oprah apologized to him and said they’d marry soon, and she’ll give him a big chunk of her fortune,” says the source.

“If it’s not more than friendship, they’re giving every appearance that it is.”Say what!?

“I don’t know any man I’ve ever dated who could tolerate that,” she says, “but Stedman knows Gayle’s going nowhere.” And as for those persistent rumors that Oprah and Gayle are more than just friends?

“I can only say what I saw and observed over the years.

Then Oprah’s BFF, Gayle King, seemed to come between them.

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