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The stuff inside expensive electric things that you can smell if you accidentally zorch them on adry winter day. Example: It is usually not enough just to be good looking.Once you let it out, that thing will never work again. In order to successfully attract a mate, one must also make-want.

The always convenient, deftly placed chair for men to sit on and wait for their female counterparts to shop in a retail store.A person who spends much of their free time at the mall, not necessarily buying anything or working. You can always find him at the mall on Saturdays, even when he's broke.A worse alternative; another option that is unpreferable.From _Airplane II_ when the witness says to the attorney, No, I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande. -- From Airplane II Example: Losing my leg in Vietnam was a macho grande.A computer far mightier than any other known to man, this is recognised only by the incredibly clever and the extremly wealthy.The word originates from Malternatives, non-alcoholic malt-based drinks that are toutedas an alternative to beer.

Being non-alcoholic, they're not a pleasant option.

The word that a PC Wintel-using HTML programming geek uses to try and disguise his sloppy non-cross-platform programming skills. Example: Um, well, no - that table won't look right to you - it's a Mac-thing. Completely unbelievable, such as making a tank out of a VW Bug with only a lighter and a Swiss Army knife.originated in Philadelphia PA circa 1985 Example: Sorry, Chris, your story is just another Mac Guyver.

An event you have witnessed that you can never get over.

An alternative way of writing MS, which is short for Microsoft.

Used by web message board posters who think that Microsoft might be money-driven.

Example: Here's how managementitis works--and how companies end up self-destructing: Jimmie does not want to clean the restroom. The inevitable result of a battle, fight, or war waged by a large and able army, person, or countryagainst a much weaker foe. As we watched him seat himself in that far corner of the school library, we knew we could anticipate some life-threatinging response to occur to his martulious mind--and soon. A Mary Sue is a character written in so that the author can live vicariously through her.