Windows updating every day

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Windows updating every day

No, you probably don't have missile launch codes, a copy of Google's search algorithm, or a secret Star Wars script, but that doesn't mean your information, or your actual computer, isn't useful to someone with malicious intent.Even if you've never stored or typed your bank account information, social security number, credit card number, address, phone number, etc.

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It depends on the kind of update you're talking about and what you mean by . These should be installed if you want to keep your computer safe from intrusion.

Imagine if an open security issue allowed someone scanning for holes just enough access to your computer to install a keylogger.

That would give the individual at the receiving end access to everything you ever type on your keyboard.

One important thing to note too is that all malicious eyes are on Windows. When a hacker is looking to exploit something, the biggest bang for his or her buck is Windows.

In other words, Windows comes under much greater scrutiny than other operating systems.

You have plenty of options, including undoing the updates, running certain fix-it processes, and lots more. When a Windows update causes a problem, it's likely due to a software or driver issue, not the update itself.

Unfortunately, there are an infinite number of hardware and software configurations that could exist on a Windows computer. True, your computer suffered some ill effect due to the updating.

Fortunately, even this once-a-month annoyance is ending.

Starting with Windows 10, updates install much more regularly than on Patch Tuesday, and usually with much less trouble.

However, unless you're considering installing something other than Windows as your operating system, this discussion isn't really valuable.

It's actually good news when a security issue is corrected and that's probably a better way to look at the sometimes large number of updates you see.

Don't restart your computer while it's starting up if it's taking a minute longer than you're used to - you might end up making the situation worse.

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