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As we walked out of the bar he appeared to be suffering from some sort of stomach cramp.

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She comes back sits down again, and puts them in her purse. ' She responds, ' I just need this stuff.' Out of the blue, she invites me back her place. I say, ' Hey, I think I'm going to take off now.' She barely nods ok before she collapses on the floor next to the couch.He laid them down, pointed at me and said, ' You and me, right now.' He then did some breakdance moves about as well as a large guy could.After about a minute and a half he got up and said it was my turn.Not wanting to chicken out, I decided I'd give it a go.The cardboard was ridiculously wet with Mitch's sweat for the short amount of time he had been on it.I told him he looked nice, and got nothing in return. Me: (smile, still chewing)Him: You're a very attractive girl. This guy looked more like Willard Scott with no hair and a very large stomach. I asked him how old his picture was and he said 20 years! " "A guy I knew in high school asked me to go out for drinks, and when we got to the bar, his line of questioning was very strange; he definitely wanted to know a lot more than how I had been since high school. ' A few days later, he texted me complaining that I was ignoring him and that he had real feelings for me.

His questions included, ' Are you into hair pulling? I didn't respond with more than, ' I'm sorry, I don't feel the same way.' I received random texts from him for months that I never replied to.I started what I remembered from an old routine, but within a few seconds I slipped on the sweat and fell directly onto the boombox. He would only meet me for Happy Hour at Applebee's and then he informed me that if we continued dating he would have to kill my dog because he didn't like animals.Mitch, who had returned to his garlic fries, was now laughing so hard that he began throwing up into a potted plant on the patio." -Jon"His profile was nice but a red flag should have been raised when he informed me that he didn't talk on the phone but would answer all e-mails and text messages. Let's just say the date was over after that and I never spoke to him again." –EA, 35"Apparently, my date followed me home, which was not hard to do, since we met at a cafe five minutes away from my place.If it's crazy enough, we may just add it to the list.Photo: We Heart It Begin slideshow "Over drinks at a bar my date revealed many interesting details about himself.He was silently eating as the subject of conversation turned to how Carol and I both danced a bit in college.